We’d grown weary, foraging our local grocers and scouring the Internet for the perfect vegan cookie.

They ranged from highly processed and dense to enormous and overly sweet. The elusive hunt for the vegan cookie that tasted like, well, a cookie … was a bust.

So, we decided to bake our own.

vegan chocolate chipvegan chocolate mintvegan raspberryvegan vanilla bean
vegan cinnamonvegan cononutvegan salted chocolatevegan outmeal chip

We set out to recreate the classics and focused on bringing out natural flavor. After tinkering with tons of recipes, we chomped our way through more cookies that we'd like to admit.

Turns out we baked the best vegan cookies any of us have ever tasted. And since we can't stop eating them we figured we better box them and share them with the world.

Happy devouring!

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