Meet our ravenously vegan line-up.

Picture of a freshly baked Vegan cookie

All we care about is baking

the tastiest vegan cookies

from the best all-natural ingredients we could sniff out.

Our Story
We start with the best.

We rely on our favorite brands like Earth Balance, King Arthur, Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate and Madagascar vanilla.

You’ll always find natural, high-quality oats, nuts, dried and pureed fruits, and spices in our cookies – sourced locally whenever possible.

We bake in the good
& Leave out the bad.

You’ll never find GMOs, preservatives, obscure chemicals, hydrogenated trans fats, artificial flavors or colors.

vegan action certifiedNon GMOKosher
We Bake to Order, Pack & ship
the same day!

It should be simple to get your hands on delicious vegan cookies. Whether you’re chasing down the perfect vegan gift or simply want to stock up on some trusted treats—we’ve got your back!