The Humans behind the badger.

Photo of David


loves baking for friends, family and the kosher community.

Photo of Chocolate Mint

Favorite cookie
Chocolate Mint

Photo of Gretchen


runs the show and manages the bakery from soup to nuts.

Photo of Toasted Coconut

Favorite cookie
Toasted Coconut

Photo of Sylvia


is the bakery wizard – experimenting with recipes and baking each batch with love.

Photo of Sweet Raspberry

Favorite cookie
Sweet Raspberry

Photo of Karim


makes sure our cookies are available in a location near you!

Photo of Chocolate Chip

Favorite cookie
Chocolate Chip

Photo of Ron


mixes up the dough and gets the cookies in the oven.

Photo of Oatmeal Chip

Favorite cookie
Oatmeal Chip

Photo of Jonah


keeps the machines running and the cookies wrapped.

Photo of Vanilla Bean

Favorite cookie
Vanilla Bean